How I got my 53-year-old father to eat his vegies

salad reuters.jpeg

Photo: Reuters

“Do you know what else we can do with this bread? We can roll it over like this or may be fold it like this and there we have… a pocket bread! Whoa! And what do we fill this pocket with? Potatoes, carrots, peas…Yay! Take a bite!” The games he involved me in, the tricks he employed to make his kid eat her vegies. To be honest, the ‘pocket trick’ was invented by my mother. I must have been five. But my meals would rarely go unaccompanied by the myriads of stories my dad would create and tell me, about animals, cars, the boy who didn’t like to go to the school, only to get me to eat my vegies.

If it were a five-year-old, I would have invented games, told stories, but it was my 53-year-old father. It was different. It was difficult…Read more at The Huffington Post.

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